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About Us

Our focus and dedication is to meet each customer’s needs by offering dependable and worthy services that guarantee an excellent experience for every client.

We are an industrial products wholesaler whose goal is to distribute superior products and provide quality services with the intention of giving our customers a competitive advantage in the market.

Outstanding products are created by corporations that are directed towards developing the necessary skill set to advance in today’s constantly changing world. This is why, at Tubrica, we have made it a priority to invest in research and development. As a result of that research, we are able to recognize the value of products and have partnered with some of the finest companies in the industry who serve as the building blocks of our business today.

We aim to offer our clients the finest and best assortment of products with the quickest service possible. The determination that we have to train our employees thoroughly is what allows us to exceed the expectations of our customers, and deliver every order with precision.

With these principles, we will put all our efforts into becoming a valuable and prosperous company that is accommodating and gracious to its staff.